5 Bristol Milkshakes You Need To Try Today


Swoon, the new gelateria located opposite College Green, has queues out the door on every sunny day due to just how good the gelato is.  Whilst there have been a number of desert restaurants open in Bristol over the last couple of years, this is clearly the best.  


If you can resist the temptation to just eat a tub of gelato, the milkshake offering requires you to chose 2 scoops of gelato, which is then blended by locally sourced whole milk.  My recommendation, if it is still on the specials menu, is to keep it simple with both scoops being of Key Lime Pie gelato.  The flavour profiles are outstanding, and although it is rich it is not overly sickly.


Open throughout the day and until 10:30 at night, Swoon offers up cheeky alcoholic gelato cocktails (read milkshakes for grown ups).  Of particular mention are the Mango Bellini made from prosecco poured over a scoop of Mango Sorbetto, or the ultimate White Russian.


Located on the popular Triangle Rocotillos is a great place to find American diner nostalgia, and of course the service that comes with it.  Pancakes piled high and laced with bacon and maple syrup accompany a great selection of drinks such a Brooklyn Beer, and of course milkshakes.  Fully customisable, you can choose how thick you want your shake to be, with the extra thick shake being so thick the spoon stands up in it.  Choose your flavour and thickness, and a great big metal cocktail mixer of milk is delivered to your table, with enough to fill your glass twice over.

Atomic Burger

There is no other way to describe the kitsch, comic strip bedecked, playful burger restaurant than a playground for geeks.  With playful names based not on popular culture, the burgers here are great, but today all I am looking at is the milkshakes.

A meal in themselves, these cute thickshakes were once served in half pint milk bottles but have been upgraded to vintage style glasses.  My flavour of choice is the butterscotch flavour, a hark back to my childhood obsession with Angel Delight.  If the milkshakes aren’t made from the same powder, then I don’t know how they managed to replicate the flavour; this is a great 90’s throwback.

Cafe Ronak



Quick! Get here before the institution that is Cafe Ronak is sold!  Whilst this independent eatery on the popular Gloucester Road is the perfect place for Saturday brunch, it is best known for its indulgent cakes and of course milkshakes.  Mindful of allergens whilst playing with with interesting flavours there really is a lot to shout about.  If there is one thing you need to try, it is the Coconut Chai milkshake!  

This creamy delight has the perfect consistency; light enough that it doesn’t make you feel sick and need a lie down afterwards, but with all the satisfaction of a great shake, and a little froth on top.  The thing that really makes it stand out however is the complex flavour palette that is sensational to drink, a little froth on top.  Served in a tall glass with retro metal straws it looks cool too.  At £2.99, this is a bargain not to be missed.

Beehive Coffee House

Freakshakes; the new supersized, super sickly milkshake, topped with lashings of cream, sauce and an endless list of goodies.  These enormous drinks are making a scene all over Instagram! The freakshake is an Australian craze that has quickly grown in popularity all over the world, but The Beehive was the first cafe in Bristol to start making them, and remains the best place in town to gorge yourself on dairy.

Photo courtesy of Beehive Coffee House

Perhaps the cutest of these behemoths is the Unicorn Freakshake, a playful twist on the current unicorn/mermaid fad. An extra thick milkshake base is topped by whipped cream, a doughnut, mini marshmallows, wafer cone, pretzels, popcorn, fizzy rainbow sweets, and of course edible glitter. I dread to think how many calories are in this drink, but being so pretty I can never stop myself.  At £5.95 it is the most expensive on this list, but probably offers the most value for money as you are getting an entire meal.

Photo courtesy of Beehive Coffee House

If this is too girly for you to order, then why not take on the age old debate of which is better; the custard cream and the chocolate bourbon, each featuring in custom designed freakshakes.


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  1. Swoon is a good place to start with since all of these photos had me swooning! I especially like that Cafe Ronak is good with allergens!

    1. It honestly does the best gelato ever! Cafe Ronak is amazing, they really think about the needs of people with food allergies and intolerances and I think their food is even tastier as a result.

  2. I haven’t heard one of the milkshake you listed here, and now you’ve successfully arose my curiosity. How can I get those milkshake without visiting Bristol? Man,… It’s so far away from here, but I’ll definitely try it when I get to there.

  3. Thank you for sharing so many good spots! I used to live in Bristol and feel like I definitely missed out on some milkshake-y goodness! Definitely hitting up Beehive on my next visit.

  4. I wish the photos were bigger. Big photos add more life to blogs, particularly the ones on food and drink.
    I like the milkshake that is named Atom Bomb- that is such a naughty title!

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