Don’t Take The Risk, We Have Rated The Best Food Choices To Make When Flying to Keep You Safe

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We may not all be lucky enough to be able to travel first class whilst jetting off to somewhere new, but that doesn’t mean that those stuck in cattle class should be left with nothing but tasteless, drab food that is barely edible.  This guide lets you know how to make the best food choices when flying.

Of course, if you have a special dietary requirement this should be prioritised, however those with specific requirements are often the ones getting the best deal.  The theory is that the more specialised the menu choice, the smaller batch it will be made in and the quality will be comparatively higher than the standard choices. Be aware that some airlines will charge you an additional fee for choosing a ‘non-standard’ option.

Airline food rated from best to worst

As a guide this is the best food to order (from worst to best).

7. Meat

This will usually be beef, chicken or fish with a carbohydrate such as rice, pasta potato or noodles.  The safest option of these is the beef, as it does not need to be cooked through to kill all the germs.  Chicken and fish are more risky, but realistically they nuke the hell out of these foods to ensure that no one gets sick so it should be safe.  Unfortunately, it is these meals that are mass produced in the biggest numbers and are unlikely to offer up the tastiest option.

6. Vegetarian

The vegetarian option will be fairly similar to the standard option, but the meat replaced with more vegetables, or if you are lucky tofu/quorn.  Again, the large quantities these are produced in reduce the quality.

5. Vegan (you will need to pre-book this option on most airlines)

Once this was one of the best options you could pick, if it were available at all.  However, with the rise in popularity with vegan living, this is now becoming a mainstream option and with that it drops down this list.  Thoughts that animal free eating will reduce your chances of getting sick are misplaced as more cases of food poisoning come from salad leaves than meat each year.

4. Gluten free  (you will need to pre-book this option on most airlines)

The last thing you want when you are travelling at 30,000ft is to be bloated and uncomfortable, and the pain is real for those with gluten intolerance which always seem to be magnified in the air.  Save yourself the pain, and choose, gluten free for fresh food that keeps you feeling good.

A Postcard Home: Getting ill from airline food is a bad way to start your holiday

3. Lactose free  (you will need to pre-book this option on most airlines)

Just like going gluten free, if you have an intolerance it is best to steer well clear whilst flying.

2. Kosher  (you will need to pre-book this option on most airlines)

For many in the Jewish community, ensuring that they have access to kosher food whilst travelling is essential.  However, there are many other travellers now considering choosing a kosher option as it is often perceived to be a cleaner and healthier choice.

1.Locally inspired food

Sometimes airlines like to give you a taste of their local cuisine, such as Jambalaya on Ethiopian Airways or a huge variety of favourite Chinese meals available on Air China flights.  Trust that they know what they are doing, and take this opportunity to try something new.

Effectively the smaller volume the meal is produced in the better quality it will be.  Also, as they distribute specialist meals first, these meals are also likely to arrive at your seat fresher, hotter and all round more delicious!

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