The Reality Of Helping Out In A Malawian Hospital

Chitimbe Hospital is lucky for many reasons; it is on a fairly main road that snakes around the coast of Lake Malawi so there is lots of passing traffic, it has good transport links to towns and cities, the village it sits in has a newly built water pump and there is a large orphanage and school where care and education is bestowed upon as many local children that can be spared from work as possible. Perhaps most importantly it is also on the main tourist route through the country.  All in all it is a comparatively affluent and educated part of rural Malawi.   Continue reading “The Reality Of Helping Out In A Malawian Hospital”

Everything You Need To Know When Meeting The Maasai

I was expected, it would seem, as I pulled up in the dirt covered 4×4.  The foot deep ruts that plagued our makeshift route had tested the suspension to the extreme.  It had been a long and hard day’s travel over to the north of the Maasai Mara National Park.

Walls of twisted spikes encircled the small village, pierced by a slither of light, just wide enough to squeeze through.  I pondered the perfect silence and curious lack of women and children, but dismissed it with thoughts they must be busy inside the village stockade. Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know When Meeting The Maasai”

Your Guide To: The South African Winelands

I dipped my toes into the pool and I was in heaven.  A glass of cool  Chenin Blanc perched next to me, as I immersed myself in the valley of vines.

Why South Africa?

With over 60 different wine regions, South Africa is a great place to indulge.  The cool, arid conditions brought about by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meeting at the southern tip of Africa has created the perfect mediterranean style climate for growing vines, ensuring the grapes grow slowly; creating a more intense flavour.   South Africa is the 9th largest wine producer in the world and produces over 450 million litres of wine per year. Continue reading “Your Guide To: The South African Winelands”